Meet Lester Zalewski Candidate for District 2 Commissioner

Hello, my name is Lester Zalewski and I’m running for 

District 2 Commissioner of Fort Lauderdale.

What’s my main goal?

Simply put—my primary goal is to help make Fort Lauderdale thrive 

and be the best it can be.

How do I propose to help make this happen?

It starts with honest, transparent government, with a strong emphasis on infrastructure improvement, free of conflict of interest, and rooted in 

financial responsibility.

I realize the term Honesty in Government may sound quaint or old fashioned in today’s political climate. But I believe while sometimes the truth may seem inconvenient, it’s always better to face our challenges head-on, to be honest with ourselves and our neighbors.

That’s how we build a better Fort Lauderdale. 

And that’s why I’m asking for your vote on January 16.

See you at the polls!


Lester Zalewski

Candidate for District 2 Commissioner

Vote for your own best interests


Locate your polling place by visiting

or by clicking the link below.

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